• This year we're struggling with the manufacturing net price more higher and higher. So we decide to raise the shoes price. Actually we were considering to reduce the customized shoes and concentrated on some popular design but now we keep to focus on the customized design and using special materials. Thanks.

Gold embroidery Silk
White goat/ Cow
Pale Gold/ Silver
Gold Cow
Red goat

** Please give us message via facebook page if you want those shoes.

Black Goat
Navy Sheep skin
Size 250mm(US 7 1/2)
Size 240mm (US 6 1/2)
Heel : 5cm/ 2 inch/ Cuban
Heel : 5cm/ 2 inch/ Cuban
Green Suede
Red Goat
Brown Suede/ Croc Pattern
Size 220mm(US4)
Size 255mm(US 7.5)
Size 270mm(US 8.5-9)